What makes us special?



Stable cooperation

Relationships with customers, suppliers and employees are the basis for our success. We have cooperated with most of our customers and contractors for several years. We adjust our product range to one another’s needs and production plans. We are able to agree even in difficult market situations. Our business values include: reliability, honesty, safety, loyalty and compliance with standards.


We produce goods according to special, individual orders of our customers. We react to their needs quickly. We prepare products of any form in the agreed quantity. All products are packed in packages of any sizes. We ensure quick order processing.


We employ qualified staff with long experience in the refrigerating industry. Most employees, including professionals and managers, work in the company from the beginning of its existence. The top management has more than 20 years of experience in the production and sale of frozen fruit and vegetables as well as agri-food processing. All developed technological solutions result from our long experience in the industry and the cooperation with domestic and foreign experts.

Raw material control

We attach great significance to the quality of purchased raw materials. We purchase it exclusively from qualified suppliers. Every delivery is assessed in accordance with internal procedures and specifications. During the delivery control, we carry out necessary quality tests, and the raw material itself is kept in controlled conditions. A sample is taken from every delivery for additional tests, if any.

Quality procedures

As a result of out work standards, we produce high quality, healthy and nutritious frozen fruit and vegetables. Individual stages of the production process are standardized in order to ensure the best work efficiency and product safety. Every such process is strictly controlled. Our products meet the most rigorous quality requirements. The HACCP system is in place at our production plant.


We have well-developed machine facilities, which is a response to our customers’ needs. We regularly invest in our material resources, and our machines and devices are under constant supervision. We have frozen fruit as well as blanched and non-blanched vegetables production lines. Every finished product is checked by a metal detector. Our machinery facilities include cutters, peelers, stoners, shredders, slicers, washers, freezing tunnels, belt conveyors, conveyors, etc.