Quality policy

We influence the success of our customers at every stage of the production. We are able to achieve it thanks to our highly skilled and competent staff, for whom the quality of our company’s products and services is the priority. We cooperate with research centres and business institutions. Each of our employees adds to the success of our company.

We strive to develop long-lasting and reliable relationships with our employees, suppliers, partners and customers. Our primary aim is to provide our customers with high quality as well as repeatable, constantly improved and healthy products. We put great emphasis on the development of our technical base, employees’ qualifications and organisation management methods. We focus on the management through quality, particularly by defining the responsibility for the quality at every stage of production. To this end, we undertake to:

  • design the quality of products, which will meet customers’ expectation (continuous high quality),
  • produce safe products,
  • complete orders properly, in accordance with customers’ requirements,
  • invest in our production plant,
  • educate employees and develop their qualifications,
  • effectively manage the processes of safe production.