Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is for us a way to ensure better and more effective operation and to build long-term and fair relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and the local community. We believe that success requires social involvement. We pursue such a policy in 4 areas:

Natural environment

  • our aim is to minimise the quantity of sewage produced and water used in the production process,
  • we strive for the total elimination of post-production sewage (currently we are working on the modernisation of our pre-treatment plant).
  • we use environmentally friendly agents neutralising plant pollution.
  • we will use post-production organic waste for agricultural purposes locally.


  • we make sure that our products are safe and maintain their nutritional properties,
  • we buy raw materials from reliable suppliers, who provide us with products of repeatable and safe quality,
  • we put our customers’ satisfaction first and try to solve any disputes through a dialogue.
  • we increase Polish consumers’ awareness of the quality of our flagship product – “good broccoli” brand.

Relationships with employees

  • we improve the working conditions at the plant regularly, pay attention to employees’ suggestions and try to eliminate inconveniences in their everyday work,
  • we improve social conditions (in 2014, a completely new social area for employees was established, and we are planning its further development),
  • we help our employees in their professional and private matters,
  • we prevent potential OHS risks,
  • we do not dismiss people without clearly defined reasons,
  • we do not tolerate illegal activities (creating an unhealthy atmosphere at work, physical and emotional abuse).

Intermediate surroundings

  • we purchase raw materials from local suppliers,
  • we define clear cooperation conditions for raw materials suppliers and we develop long-lasting and fair relationships with them,
  • we help our suppliers in difficult market conditions,
  • we support the local labour market,
  • we plan to take up actions for local communities.