Purchase of fruit and vegetables

We base our cooperation with fruit and vegetable suppliers on a stable and long-term partnership. We pay a lot of attention to values, in which we believe (see: „What makes us special?”) and we expect the same from our business partners, including suppliers. We buy the majority of raw materials from local producers. This guarantees freshness and unique quality of the raw materials delivered to us.

Qualifications of suppliers

Raw materials in our plant come only from qualified suppliers. Each supplier is subject to initial assessment at the beginning of the cooperation and then goes through annual evaluation in the scope of reliability of the cooperation. If the grade is not positive, it is impossible for the supplier to earn qualification for the next year.

Assessment of supplies

First of all, the delivery is assessed in terms of disqualifying characteristics, that is, such features that result in an automatic rejection of the batch delivered (among others: unacceptable sanitary conditions of transportation, foreign odours, occurrence of pests and foreign particles). Then, a sample is collected for quality inspection of the raw material in terms of its compliance with requirements referred to in the specification.

Collecting samples for tests

A sample of raw materials is collected from each accepted delivery. The samples are used for examination, especially for pesticides, heavy metals and rotavirus residues.